TAICENN embedded computer promote logistic development

- Apr 06, 2019-

The development of e-commerce has promoted the industry's demand for the overall logistics solution and regional logistics hub development. As the development of China's e-commerce market has been comprehensively improved in terms of speed and quality, its globalization expansion has further accelerated. In the process of the implementation of the national “Belt and Road” and “Asian Economic Circle” policies, it has undoubtedly further accelerated its progress.

The rookie network, located at the center of the logistics industry, is leading the creation of a digital hub for the national intelligent logistics backbone network in Hong Kong. According to media reports, this super project with a total investment of 12 billion Hong Kong dollars is expected to consolidate Hong Kong's trade hub leadership in the era of parcel logistics, and promote the upgrading of international trade and manufacturing. The logistics center will have a throughput capacity of 1.7 million tons of cargo, helping Alibaba achieve the 24-hour freight forwarding of China and 72-hour freight forwarding global logistics targets.

To achieve high-speed, high-efficiency goals, and to create an intelligent logistics center is the top priority. The intelligent logistics center carrying large-scale cargo circulation tasks needs seamless integration of various parts sorting, warehousing and transportation systems. In the intelligent environment, automatic operation is required, and software and hardware systems are required, whether in data processing capacity or In other performances, a highly coordinated operation is achieved. TAICENN provides all valuable embedded computer system, so as to improve the logistic industry development. And it is surely a big potential market.