TAICENN tamper proof computer TBOX-C630 model used for high security application

- Feb 16, 2019-


Tamper-proof means the system is protected from tampering (intentional malfunction or sabotage). It is usually a must for high security segments. With tamper-proof design, our system can only be opened under reasonable operation. This will prevent the data stored in the SSD (storage device) from access by unauthorized party. The internal battery can assure the user data 100% overwritenand erased.Such embedded computer system is specially designed for high-level security.

Application diagram and analysis:

Tamper proof industrial box computer

During our consulting and discussiong with our customers, we can fully understand the diagram of this system.  Combining our knowledge in industrial fan-less computer design & manufacturing, and our former experience in a similar system, we propose more features into customers' requirements. 

   1- We propose to design a industrial fan-less computer system in full IP65 rating standard;

   2- We propose to use the full sealed aviation connectors for 2*GLAN and 1* Power ports;

   3- We propose to add light sensor inside, to 100% meet protection;

   4- We propose to design and produce the whole system under 2* CNC metal parts, for better protection.

Tamper proof computer

(4* Indicator light controlled by GPIO)

Our tamper proof computer TBOX-C630:

TAICENN developed a tamper proof industrial tamper proof computer model TBOX-C630. It adapted with the newest 6th Skylake-U i7-6500U or 7th Kabylake i7-7500U CPU processors, having advanced & excellent performance; It is fanless designed, full IP65 rating protection with 3x requested aviation connectors, also supporting internal USB, COM ports. The whole system is full-sealed with a light sensor, no any light inside the system; If any unauthorized open the system, and trigger the light sensor inside, it will protect the user data, and do erase of SSD inside.

tamper proof computer

tamper proof computer

Main features of tamper proof computer TBOX-C630:

● Intel 6/7th I7 high performance CPU processor; 
● High security tamper proof design; 
● 2x GLAN, 1x DC power input, aviation connector; 

Full sealed designed, with a Light sensor inside;

● 4* indicator light controlled by GPIO;

2x CNC metal parts, better tamper-proof protection features; 
Compact and fanless designed, Full IP65 rating.

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