Ten key technologies of Intelligent manufacturing

- Dec 21, 2018-

Intelligent manufacturing is the realization of the whole manufacturing chain of intelligence and innovation, is the further integration of information and industrialization. Intelligent manufacturing combines information technology, advanced manufacturing technology, automation technology and artificial intelligence technology. Intelligent manufacturing includes the development of intelligent products, the application of intelligent equipment, the establishment of intelligent production lines from the bottom up, the construction of intelligent workshops, the building of intelligent factories, the practice of intelligent research and development, the formation of intelligent logistics and supply chain systems, the development of intelligent management, and the development of intelligent manufacturing systems. Promote intelligent service and finally realize intelligent decision. 

At present, the "intelligence" of intelligent manufacturing is still in the level of Smart. Intelligent manufacturing system has the ability of data acquisition, data processing and data analysis, which can execute the instruction accurately and realize closed-loop feedback. The trend of intelligent manufacturing is to realize "Intelligent", intelligent manufacturing system can realize autonomous learning, independent decision-making and continuous optimization. 


The Ten key Technologies of Intelligent Manufacturing 

Among the key Technologies of Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent products and Intelligent Services can help enterprises to bring business model innovation; Intelligent equipment, intelligent production line, intelligent workshop to intelligent factory, can help enterprises to realize the innovation of production mode, intelligent research and development, intelligent management, intelligent logistics and supply chain can help enterprises to realize the innovation of operation mode. Intelligent decision-making can help enterprises to achieve scientific decision-making. The ten technologies of intelligent manufacturing are closely related. Manufacturing enterprises should advance the application of these ten intelligent technologies in a progressive and rational manner.