The advantages of 5G in industrial applications

- Jun 10, 2019-

Easy wiring, easy networking, and easier to meet the needs of flexibility;

For mobile devices and non-stationary production lines, wireless seems to be the only option.

For highly demanding motion control scenarios with real-time and reliability, 5GACIA is advancing research to support the loading of TSN services on 5G. Beckhoff also recently demonstrated an application scenario for real-time control and large-scale data transmission using wireless communication technology for future industrial sites.

According to the requirements specification, for time-sensitive industrial applications, 1 ms delay, 1 microsecond jitter and 99.9999% reliability are required. Based on such performance indicators, 5G seems to be fully capable of various complex information applications in industrial large-scale production line systems.

After all, in this wireless era, how many industrial companies are willing to invest in the network and lay special cables? TSN and 5G are good alternatives.