The application of touch screen panel

- Dec 13, 2018-

From the technology speaking, the touch screen is a transparent absolute coordinate positioning system. 

First of all, it must be transparent, so it must solve the problem of transparency through material science and technology, such as digitizer, tablet, elevator switch. They are not touch screens; 

Second, it is an absolute coordinate, where the fingers touch, does not need a second action, unlike the mouse, is a set of relative positioning system, we can notice that the touch screen software does not need a cursor, the cursor instead affects the attention of the user. Because the cursor is for relative positioning equipment, the relative positioning device to move to a place to first know where and which direction, and also need to constantly give users feedback to the current position so that there is no deviation. None of this is needed for touch screens with absolute coordinates; the second is the ability to detect and determine the position of a finger, which can be seen by all kinds of touchscreen technology around "detecting finger touch". 


With the increasing number of multimedia information query devices, the transparent touch screen is being talked about more and more, because the touch screen is not only applicable to the situation of Chinese multimedia information query, but also has a strong and durable touch screen. The reaction speed is fast, saves the space, easy to exchange and so on many advantages. By using this technology, users can operate the host computer with their fingers and touch the characters or words on the computer display screen gently, thus making the human-computer interaction more straightforward. This technology greatly facilitates those users who do not understand the computer operation. 

The application scope of touch screen in our country is very broad, mainly is the public information inquiry; for example, the telecommunication bureau, the tax bureau, the bank, the electric power and so on department business inquiry, the city street information inquiry; Also used in leading office, industrial control, military command, video games, ordering, multimedia teaching, industrial touch monitor, industrial panel pc, industrial automation, real estate presale and so on. In the future, the touch screen will have to walk into the home. 

With the increasing use of computers as a source of information, touch screens have the advantages of easy to use, durable, fast response, space saving, etc. Make system designers more and more feel the use of touch-screen really has a considerable advantage. The touch screen has only been in the Chinese market for only a few years now. The acoustic touch screen, a new multimedia device, has not been contacted and understood by many people, including some system designers who are planning to use the touch screen. The touch screen is also regarded as a dispensable device. 

From the popularization of touch screen in developed countries and the stage of multimedia information industry in our country, this concept has a certain universality. As a matter of fact, the touch screen is a device that can transform the multimedia information or control. It gives a new look to the multimedia system and is an attractive new multimedia interactive device. System designers in developed countries and system designers in our country who first use touch screens know that touch screens are no longer necessary but indispensable devices for computers in various application fields. It greatly simplifies the use of computers, even people who know nothing about computers can still come at their fingertips, making computers more attractive. Solve the problem that the computer can't solve in the public information market.