The changing happens on automation applications

- Jan 09, 2019-

The practice of industrial Internet of things has put forward a lot of new requirements for production equipment, software platform, staffing, and resources, and industrial automation equipment should be prepared for this. 

Here are some of the changes we have seen or are taking place at the automation device level: 

(1) data acquisition capabilities: sensors and actuators used in traditional factories work independently. More and more devices are now equipped with embedded sensors, such as pumps, flow meters, motors, bearings, etc. 

(2) Communication capability: more and more PLC and HMI products are equipped with communication interface. Some I / O module products have wireless communication capabilities. 

(3) data processing ability: the data processing ability of PLC is further improved, which can filter and process the data in the field equipment, and reduce the load of server and cloud. Intelligent I / O module has simple data processing and logic judgment ability. Over the past two years, many Internet of things gateways with data storage and processing capabilities have also been introduced. 

(4) Industrial mobile devices: a few manufacturers have introduced mobile devices for use in industrial environments, such as tablets based on web, which can only browse the web to view the status and information of on-site production lines. 

(5) flat structure of control system: some high-end PLC products and intelligent I / O module add the function of Internet of things gateway, which can transmit data directly to server or cloud. Smart sensors can also transmit data directly to the upper layer without PLC, via the Internet of things gateway. These features of the new product will accelerate the flattening of the industrial control system architecture. 

(6) artificial intelligence algorithm module: both Rockwell and Omron add artificial intelligence algorithm module to their PLC controller. After that, the running data will be continuously monitored and abnormal, and the alarm will be sent to the police. 

(7) device localization and cloud integration: there will be more cloud-based solutions, and some non-real-time functions of devices such as HMI and controllers will be transferred to the cloud, which is more in line with the idea of distributed system architecture. 

The changes brought about by the industrial Internet of things are just around the corner. All transformation takes a painful period, and the frontiers of technology, as witnesses and facilitators of the industrial Internet of things, need to use the highest mental power to alleviate the pain. Keep innovating all the time and strive to reduce the problems of data distribution, protocol processing and user experience in the process of industrial Internet of things with the most advanced thinking and technical solution.

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