The development and market analysis of embedded computer Industry

- Dec 06, 2018-

Industrial control computer (IPC) is a computer specially designed for industrial control. It is used to monitor and control the machine equipment, production process and data parameters used in the production process. Industrial control industry products and technologies are very special, belong to intermediate products, is to provide other industries with reliable, embedded, intelligent industrial computers. 

IPC often runs in a harsh environment, so IPC is usually designed for reinforcement, dust, moisture, corrosion and radiation protection. The data security and expansibility of IPC are very high. The interface design needs to meet the specific external equipment, so in most cases, IPC needs to be customized separately to meet the requirements. 

With the deepening of social informatization, the key tasks of key industries will rely more and more on industrial control computers, and low-cost industrial control automation based on IPC is becoming the mainstream. Local industrial computer manufacturers are also getting more and more attention. With the rapid development of electric power metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, transportation, construction and other industries, from digital home set-top box, digital television, to bank teller machine, highway toll collection system, gas station management, manufacturing line control, finance, Government, national defense and other industries information demand is increasing, the demand for industrial control computer is very large, industrial computer market development prospects are very broad. 

At present, the supply channels for industrial control computers in China mainly come from manufacturers in Taiwan and the mainland of China. After several years of competition in the market for foreign products (such as RADISYS,ROCKWELL,INTEL, etc.), due to high costs, high prices, and difficult services, Now completely out of the domestic market. Nowadays, the domestic IT industry research and development, processing technology strength continues to improve; all kinds of chips and all kinds of devices, production equipment in the international market can be basically equal purchase; software resources portability can save a lot of manpower and material resources. 

Under these favorable conditions, some domestic manufacturers seize the opportunity to rise rapidly and gradually squeeze foreign brands out of the domestic industrial control market by taking advantage of the local comprehensive competitive advantage. Some enterprises, with an annual asset growth rate of more than 100%, stand at the top of the domestic industrial control market, and have successfully entered the international industrial control market. Industrial production automation not only drives the demand of robot market, but also increases the demand of industrial control computer for production control. At present, the market capacity of the industrial control industry has reached 90 billion yuan, and the growth space of this market is far from the ceiling, driven by the upgrading of the automation level and the reform of the stock market. From Japan's experience, China's industrial control development is far from the end. The project market follows the macroeconomic fluctuation, and the property of the production equipment of the OEM industry, as well as the characteristics of conduction amplification, make it more cyclical than the whole industry, so in the case of the new round of manufacturing recovery, Industrial control industry will usher in another wave of investment opportunities.