The development trend of touch screen

- Dec 13, 2018-

The touch screen technology is convenient for the operation and use of the computer, is an interactive input technology with a great development prospect, and is therefore widely valued by the countries, and a large amount of human and material resources are put into the research and development of the computer, and the novel touch screen is constantly emerging. 

1. Touch pen: a touch screen similar to a white board which is operated by a touch pen, and the touch pen also has the function of signing and marking in addition to the display interface, the window and the drawing mark. such a touch pen is greatly enhanced in comparison with the light pen function of providing only the selection menu in the early stage. 

2. Touch panel: The touch pad adopts the pressure-sensitive capacitive touch technology, and the screen area is the largest. It consists of three parts: the bottom layer is a central sensor, is used for monitoring whether the touch pad is touched, and then processing the information; the middle layer provides an interactive graphic, a character and the like; the outermost layer is a touch surface layer and is composed of a high-strength plastic material material. When the finger point touches the outer surface, this information can be sent to the sensor within 1/ 1000s, and the login process is performed. besides being compatible with the PC, the invention has the characteristics of high brightness, clear image, easy interaction and the like, and is applied to a pointing information inquiry system (such as an electronic bulletin board), so that a very good effect is received. 

3. Touch screen: It can be used to use the touch screen review system in the studio. It is simply that the input and output is one, no mechanical key or slide bar is needed, and the display screen is the man-machine interface. The whole touch screen system consists of an LCD, a touch screen, a touch screen controller, a main CPU and an LCD controller. the multi-point touch screen controller is the core of the touch screen module, the touch screen controller adopts the PSoC (programmable system chip) technology, and the PSoC is a mixed signal array integrated with the programmable analog and digital periphery and the MCU core, so the flexibility and the programmability of the PSoC, The high integration and other characteristics are widely used in the touch screen controller. The touch screen screen built up to 2013 has 32, 46 and 70 inches, supports 1080p FullHD resolution, and can support multi-touch control without any additional setting, and can be placed in the longitudinal or transverse direction. It is more convenient to start using standard HDMI, FireWire, and USB interfaces, plug-in power and connect to the Mac, Linux, or Windows PC. TAICENN have developped full range dimension touch screen panel pc and monitor products.


The development trend of the touch screen technology has the characteristics of specialization, multimedia, three-dimensional and large-screen. With the development of the information society, people need to get all kinds of public information, using the touch screen technology as the public information transmission system of the interaction window port, the various information is introduced to people in an image, so that people can be brought with great convenience. We believe that with the rapid development of technology, the touch screen will play an important role in the popularization and utilization of computer technology. if that input method needs to locate the position of the finger, such as the hand operation of the computer keyboard, the middle finger of the index finger of the left hand is position on the F key, the middle finger of the right hand is positioned in the J key, and the touch screen cannot be located at the convex point of the key or the input feeling, so that the high-efficiency blind beat can be difficult to form. 

The touch screen itself clicks on the target area without the physical key to be accurate, and the touch screen clicks the target area and does not really click on the target area, and the touch screen is positioned below the target positive center. 

The probability of a false click of the touch screen itself is high, both with one hand and with both hands. in a key-intensive area such as a virtual keyboard, the clickable area of each key is limited, and the probability of mis-clicking is higher.. When the button is clicked, there is no clear tactile feedback, and as the finger clicks the button, the button of the iPhone is clicked, and the visual feedback is amplified when the button is clicked.. 

]The finger movement range is large, the finger is limited to the key when the key phone is input, and the finger is also switched between the non-virtual key area and the key area when the touch screen inputs and switches the input box. When entering Chinese, the character immediately on the screen after clicking on the key as in English will display the Chinese character re-screen required for the pinyin string selection, and the finger needs to click the alternative. 

The touch screen does not have a combination of keys, and the input numbers and symbols require the panel to be switched. the mobile input cursor needs to be accurately clicked or by means of a magnifying glass, the physical key can directly switch the cursor by using the direction key, and the operation of the modified error character is inconvenient.