The difference between an industrial panel pc and consumer tablet?

- Dec 06, 2018-

There is always some peoples asked how the industrial tablet is different from the ordinary tablet, it seems that the former is very mysterious, today, small to solve the doubts of these people. 

Application environment:

There is nothing wrong with the fact that the application environment is not the same as the industrial tablet computer, which is literally used exclusively in the industrial environment, but the industrial tablet computer industry is actually a general summary of the complex application environment. It mainly refers to dusty, humid and demanding environments, while commercial tablets are mainly used in much softer environments. 


In order to adapt to all kinds of harsh environment, most industrial tablets have the function of waterproof and dustproof, and have the stability of using NG continuously, that is to say, You can treat it rudely in the course of using it (.);, of course, if you fall off the 18th floor) Compared with industrial tablets, commercial tablets need to be treated with pity. 


Since this era began to look at the face, the industrial tablet computer has embarked on a new look in order to adapt to the requirements of dignity. The modular design of the industrial tablet promises to become a small stream of heavy industrial products, lighter, thinner, and more compact. In this situation, it will not be difficult to match the commercial tablets in the future. 

'Social skills':

"Social skills" industrial tablets are often at the heart of a complex set of applications that need to work in harmony with so many other devices, so there are quite a number of I / O ports for industrial tablets. Moreover, the industrial tablet computer with modular design can be extended to I / O with module, which greatly improves its adaptability, but the commercial tablet computer has simple function, so it is not such a powerful hook up ability.