The difference on an industrial mainboard

- Dec 28, 2018-

Friends who are familiar with the industry control profession should know that the quality of the industrial control computer basically depends on the CPU, motherboard, the interface equipment these three parts, in which the motherboard is the same as the human brain, and almost plays a decisive role. Do you know how to distinguish the quality of the main board of the industrial control computer? 

the criteria for judging the quality of the main board of the industrial control computer are:

Material for the mainboard

Capacitance, inductance, power switch button provided on the main board, Debug lamps are all part of the material used, and some motherboards use double BIOS programming. Even if one BIOS is broken, there is another standby (such as the TAICENN industrial embedded computer, the TAICENN industrial Panel computer, etc.). These differences in materials are noteworthy. 

Material differences between main boards: the number of CPU power phases on the motherboard is an important factor. Because the more the number of phases, the higher the power supply, the more stable the supply of current and the less the voltage fluctuation. On the other hand, the more the supply phase, the more inductors, capacitors, and Mosfets tubes must be used, and the higher the cost here. The number of power supply phases on the main board can be clearly seen, but the capacitance and inductance used in the main board are different, and the efficiency will be different in practice. It is a complicated system engineering to distinguish the grades of every kind of capacitance and inductance. It is difficult to say clearly without a very long article and many pictures. So it can only be identified by a simple method: good products will be better in appearance, low cost, general quality products, in appearance is not very concerned, therefore, the simplest method of differentiation is from the appearance to distinguish. Judging from capacitance, whether or not to select all-solid-state capacitors is the criterion to judge whether a motherboard is good or not. There is some truth in this argument, but it is not absolute. Except for the parts with large current and high calorific value such as CPU power supply units, it is not necessary to use solid state capacitors in other parts of the motherboard. There is no need to choose a more expensive motherboard for all-solid-state capacitors unless the price is small and value for money. 

Good materials on the mainboard

Good workmanship is essential for a motherboard. Unsophisticated workmanship can be fatal to a motherboard. To investigate the workmanship of the motherboard, we should pay more attention to a specific motherboard. Because the workmanship is no more than the material, planning these aspects, because the probability of problems appearing on each motherboard is equal. You don't know if you accidentally bought such a motherboard. So, when buying motherboards, the motherboard that you get should pay more attention to the details. Motherboard CPU, power supply unit, motherboard memory slot part, motherboard disk interface part, motherboard expansion slot part and other detail parts need to be carefully checked, such as whether the elements on the motherboard are arranged neatly, Whether the position on the motherboard is correct and so on. 

Ease of the use

Ease of use is simple and easy to use in the layout of the main board. Is the planning layout of PCI-E slot locking, PCI-E buckle planning, SATA interface, power supply slot, and so on reasonable, After a long period of time will affect the use of the future and so on. On the motherboard layout is not the interface and expansion slot is not as much as possible, but suitable for their own is the best, because the redundant interface may be meaningless about themselves.

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