The digital transformation path of the industry 4.0 era

- May 20, 2019-

The digital transformation of Industry 4.0 is actually a process in which digital technology and enterprise processes complement each other under the new business model, so that the degree of digitization of enterprise processes and the optimization of enterprise processes reach a maximum. Of course, in this process, it is also accompanied by organizational innovation and organizational change.

To realize the digital transformation of Industry 4.0, enterprises need not only the hardware of Industry 4.0, the software of Industry 4.0, but also the industrial model innovation of Industry 4.0. Compared with the past, Industry 4.0 puts higher demands on the data processing capability of enterprises and the value of data itself. At the same time, the requirements for the flexibility, depth and innovation of industrial processes have reached a new order of magnitude.

In addition to the enterprise level, the digital transformation of Industry 4.0 also puts higher demands on the entire country and society, that is, it needs to have practical elements including scientific research system, entrepreneurs, industrial system and industrial city. This is very obvious in Germany.

In terms of scientific research system, Germany has built a complete set of “learning-theoretical research-technology development-application/commercialization” technology and industrial development mechanism, which laid a solid foundation for German practice industry 4.0. With a sound scientific research system, entrepreneurs need to implement the concept, and entrepreneurs are needed in the industrial development process, especially in the Industrial 4.0 era. When the industrial system reaches a certain scale, it is necessary to build a professional industrial city to realize the integration of urban and regional industries. In this regard, the German Volkswagen Industrial City and the US Silicon Valley are successful examples of world civilization.

Finally, it should be noted that there are many types of industrial types. Not every industrial type is suitable for Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 does not see results in all industrial models. We still need to analyze specific problems. . However, one thing is certain: industry is the foundation of a rich country. A country must have several hundred years of industry, sustainable industry, and must have entrepreneurs to lead the development and innovation of industry. An economy based on industry will not be a bubble economy, but a healthy and sustainable economy.