The embedded market is too huge

- Apr 16, 2019-

With the continuous application of innovative applications and demands of drones, driverless, wearable devices, smart homes, smart cities and other related industrial technology products, embedded system applications are becoming more and more in-depth and extensive. Due to its small size, high reliability, strong function, flexibility and convenience, the embedded system has played an extremely important role in promoting technological transformation, product upgrading, accelerating automation, and improving production efficiency in various industries. Especially in recent years, the emergence of intelligent hardware has made people completely change the past understanding of embedded system applications!

How big is the embedded market? A series of numbers may give you some reference: the annual global PC shipments are about several hundred units; the mobile phones are about one billion units; and all embedded system equipment is shipped more than 10 billion units per year. Such a big stage is definitely a good opportunity for embedded practitioners or those who are about to enter the industry. Nowadays, based on market demand, more and more companies are investing in the research and development of intelligent hardware. Compared with the market, the computer majors who have just graduated from colleges and universities have a great distance from the experience and ability to the needs of enterprises. Companies need to be hands-on and truly understand the talents of the product development process. Therefore, more and more people are choosing training institutions as a means of improving their capabilities.