The global industrial Internet platform is increasing heavily

- Apr 13, 2019-

According to preliminary statistics from the world's second largest market research organization, the market size of the global industrial Internet platform in 2018 is about 3.27 billion US dollars, and the average annual growth rate is expected to exceed 33% in the next five years.

The global industrial Internet platform is accelerating its layout. Many leading companies such as Microsoft, Honeywell and Emerson in the United States are actively deploying industrial Internet platforms; European industrial Internet platforms such as Germany and France are closely followed, and Siemens and Schneider have competitive advantages and deep accumulation in the manufacturing field. Leading companies are the mainstay. The industrial Internet market in Asia is growing at an extremely fast rate. China, Japan and India all have strong application needs and a group of fairly active typical companies. In particular, Japan has proposed “interconnected industries” from the national strategic level. Representative companies such as Hitachi, Toshiba and Mitsubishi have been promoting R&D applications on the industrial Internet platform.

All kinds of platforms are basically oriented to meet the increasingly massive, real-time, complex and in-depth data analysis needs of the industrial field, providing more and more general algorithm frameworks and development tools based on big data, deep learning and neural networks to promote platform enterprises. Joint research and development with manufacturing companies to form industrial intelligent applications and solutions such as visual management, quality analysis optimization, and predictive maintenance, continuously improve the adaptability of industrial Internet platforms to different industrial application scenarios, and support the manufacturing industry to smoothly promote digitalization and networking. Intelligent transformation and upgrading.