The industrial automation development is full of joys and sorrows

- Dec 29, 2018-

As a global manufacturing country and a major market, China's demand for industrial automation is very urgent. On the one hand, due to the aging of the population and the decline in the number of labor force, the cost of domestic employment is rising, and the cost of enterprise management and production is also rising. On the other hand, with the application of Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, automation and intelligence have become a new trend. 

Obviously, in today's economic, technological development situation, the traditional mode of labor production is becoming outdated. In order to promote the development of modern industry in safety, lean, scale and high quality, it is necessary to take industrial automation as the basis, industrial control products as the foundation and digital information value as the guide to drive the overall transformation of the automation industry chain. Affected by this, electrical components, sensors, controllers, robots and other related fields are expected to usher in a new transformation. 

According to industry statistics, since 2012, China's industrial automation industry has gradually shown a large increase, in four years, the gross output value of the industry rose by more than 58 billion yuan, to nearly 230 billion yuan. Experts predict that the gross output value of the domestic industrial automation industry in 2018 may be further increased to 400 billion yuan. 

Although the development process of industrial automation in our country has been speeding up, but due to some shortcomings in core technology, innovation ability, key materials and so on, there is still a big gap compared with foreign countries, especially in the high-end market. The competitiveness of domestic automation products needs to continue to improve. In addition, the development and level of industrial automation industry in each province of China are different, and the ratio of gross output value to the whole country is not balanced.

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