The industrial internet is promoting the manufacturing development

- Jun 12, 2019-

Industrial Internet is the product of deep integration of industrial system and Internet system under the digital wave. It is the key support of the new round of industrial revolution. It promotes data-driven quality change, efficiency change and power change to drive the improvement of total factor productivity and realize manufacturing. High quality development.

The Industrial Internet is a key path to drive digital transformation. Industrial Internet is a hub for building all-factor, industrial chain and full-value chain connections. It can realize the ubiquitous connection, flexible complementarity and efficient configuration of manufacturing resources. On the one hand, the industrial Internet is driven by data, breaking through the fragmented production methods inside and outside industrial enterprises, and the ability to integrate upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain from a single-chain serial production method to a multi-link parallel cooperation method. On the other hand, the Industrial Internet empowers products and forms a new division of labor for industrial enterprises. The industrial Internet platform can promote the transformation of products as a service, from product trading mode to product-based service to collect value-added cost models, and reduce manufacturing enterprises and Operating costs.

The Industrial Internet is a powerful starting point for leading the innovation of the technology industry. Industrial Internet has changed the service model of production and manufacturing and the application model of knowledge innovation, and promoted the promotion of new technologies such as information physics system and artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry, and gradually formed applications based on industrial Internet for predictive maintenance and employee work guidance, and innovated industrial services. mode. Taking equipment maintenance as an example, predictive maintenance based on the industrial Internet can organically integrate equipment construction, maintenance techniques, and data technology to form “personalized” maintenance for each device itself. The industrial Internet platform brings together open resources such as industrial mechanism models and micro-service components to help engineers develop industrial APPs with lower cost, higher efficiency, and more expandability, promote the realization of industrial knowledge platform sharing mechanism, and change industrial knowledge. The transmission mode of “passing the band” subverts the industrial knowledge innovation and application mode.

The industrial Internet is an important support for the industrial digital economy. The industrial Internet is spurring digital economic changes in the industrial sector. Services such as on-demand customization, production capacity trading, and intelligent products are leading the industry to gradually move from closed to open. Through the circulation of data, the corporate cooperation relationship has undergone major changes. The original clear organizational boundaries are gradually blurred. Cooperation not only occurs in upstream and downstream enterprises, but also expands into a wider space. The peer enterprises turn from the original competitive relationship to the competitive relationship. Individual consumers may be involved in product design and other processes. Supply chain finance, financial leasing and other products are integrated into innovative services, which promotes the extension, expansion and integration of industry into other fields, and redefines the relationship between people, people and things, things and things.