The industrial internet should develop based from three CM

- Jan 02, 2019-

Of course, there is a national policy and a direction for industry in the future. Subsequently, the next few years will inevitably have large-scale policy support. But the direction of technology research, especially in the industrial Internet theoretical innovation and industrial research, personal feel is not enough. I believe that the industry and enterprises to power the industrial Internet from the three CM. 

CM (Concurrent Manufacturing, parallel manufacturing, refers to the manufacturing process will be parallel, transparent, flat, to achieve the true sense of intelligent manufacturing. The parallel intelligent manufacturing process will break through the constraints of the limited resources in the physical world by utilizing the vast amount of data and information resources in the network world. In this way, we can design and research, purchase raw material parts, organize production and manufacture while marketing, thus reducing operating costs, improving production efficiency, shortening product production cycle, and reducing energy use. 

CM (Cloud Manufacturing, cloud manufacturing) is simply a new manufacturing model and means based on ubiquitous networks, interconnecting, serving, and personalizing, bringing offline resources (parts, workshops, production equipment). The integration of capital and workers can attract different enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the value chain to participate in the design, production, service and so on, so as to realize the sharing and complementation of all kinds of resources. 

C2M (Customer-to- Manufactory, customer-to-factory) is a consumer-centric business model, which is a "pull" supply chain system by providing its own standardized modules for consumers to selectively assemble. Through the industrial Internet platform, it forms the leading ability to the global industry chain, and then realizes the rapid production of multi-variety customization through intelligent manufacturing.

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