The Industrial machine vision working process

- Jul 03, 2019-

The working process of the industrial machine vision system is mainly as follows:

   1. When the sensor detects that the detected object is moving close to the shooting center of the camera, the trigger pulse is sent to the image acquisition card;

   2. The image acquisition card sends the start pulse to the illumination system and the camera separately according to the programmed program and the delay;

   3. A start pulse is sent to the camera. The camera ends the current photo, restarts a new photo, or the camera waits before the start pulse arrives. It starts after the start pulse is detected. Before starting a new camera, the camera is started. Open the exposure member (the exposure time is set in advance); another start pulse is sent to the light source, the opening time of the light source needs to match the exposure time of the camera; the camera scans and outputs an image;

   4. The image acquisition card receives the signal and digitizes the analog signal by A/D conversion, or directly receives the digital video data digitized by the camera;

   5. The image capture card stores the digital image in the memory of the computer;

   6. The computer processes, analyzes and identifies the image to obtain the detection result;

   7. The processing result controls the operation of the pipeline, performs positioning, corrects motion errors, and so on.