The intelligent information base is interconnected

- May 11, 2019-

The maturity of the industrial Internet of Things provides a new breakthrough for manufacturing automation.

The Internet of Things refers to the collection of any information needed for monitoring, connecting, interacting objects or processes in real time through various information sensing devices. The purpose is to realize objects and objects, objects and people, all items and networks. Connected for easy identification, management and control.

The traditional automation factory realizes the networking communication between some equipments and equipments in the workshop through the wired internal network. The Internet of Things realizes the intelligent and interactive between people, equipment and systems through wireless and wide-area communication. seamless connection.

The core information equipment of the Internet of Things is the key basis for realizing information acquisition and real-time communication in all aspects of the manufacturing process. It mainly includes basic communication equipment, control systems, new industrial sensors, manufacturing equipment, instrumentation and testing equipment, and industrial information security products.

Specifically, it includes high-speed industrial switches adapted to harsh industrial environments, high-speed industrial wireless routers/repeaters, industrial-grade low-power remote/near-field communication equipment, fast ad hoc network industrial wireless communication equipment, and industrial protocol converters/ Industrial communication network infrastructure equipment such as gateways and industrial communication consistency detection equipment;

Distributed control system with fieldbus communication function, programmable control system, industrial computer system, embedded control system and data acquisition and monitoring control system; photoelectric sensor, proximity sensor, high resolution vision sensor, high precision flow sensor, etc. New industrial sensors and detectors with high power consumption, high precision and high reliability;

RFID chip and reading and writing equipment, industrial portable/handheld intelligent terminal, industrial material gateway, industrial wearable device and other human-machine information interaction equipment; industrial control system firewall/gatekeeper, disaster recovery backup system, active defense system, intrusion detection equipment, etc. Information security products.

On the basis of these ubiquitous devices, it is necessary to formulate interface technology standards for manufacturing equipment information interconnection, and the overall framework of protocol interoperability between devices and devices, and between devices and systems, thereby building high-speed and security for intelligent manufacturing. Reliable industrial communication network to realize real-time communication, accurate identification, effective interaction and intelligent control of people, equipment and products.