The Internet of Things will determine the future of Logistics Competition in the next 5~10 years

- Jan 03, 2019-

With the digitization of the whole industry and the acceleration of intelligent upgrading, the logistics industry is transforming from manpower intensive to capital and technology intensive. 

Artificial intelligence: the establishment of intelligent service system based on global perspective

In 2018, the entire industry practitioners are fully aware of the logistics service chain optimization needs to achieve the whole process of predictability, planning, scheduling, The feedback loop can maximize the service efficiency of physical flow and reduce the operation cost. 

In 2019, artificial intelligence technology will set up an intelligent service system based on the global perspective of offline planning and online dynamic adjustment, aiming at the characteristics of logistics service such as long link length, complex mode and high uncertainty. In off-line planning, it is necessary to establish a supply-demand matching service network based on the global perspective, and the network design has the ability to resist the dynamic adjustment of uncertain demand. The online service will use big data's modeling ability to estimate the state and timeliness of each package flowing in the network, so as to better grasp the status of the network flow, so that every decision can be prevented. 

IoT (Internet of things)

The development of chip, hardware and 5G technology to form an intelligent logistics backbone network in 2018 will have a profound impact on the logistics industry. The breakthrough of storage computing model which supports the integration of cloud edge and terminal, the application of 5G technology, the integrated application of basic sensing technology such as indoor positioning, RFID, depth sensing and so on, will bring changes to the logistics industry. 

In general, the combination of IoT, big data and AI technology finally makes logistics industry intelligent, accurate prediction and intelligent online decision-making, scheduling plays an important role in all aspects of logistics, and forms a smart logistics backbone network.

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