The Internet of Things will inject more vitality into the development of manufacturing industry in future

- Jan 02, 2019-

In recent years, the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies have been increasingly applied in the field of manufacturing. Driven by these technologies, the manufacturing industry has accelerated its transformation and upgrading to the direction of intelligence and high efficiency. And has achieved certain development results. At the same time, the problems of low output value and low utilization rate of materials in the process of development of manufacturing industry are also worthy of attention. 

Although the manufacturing industry faces many challenges as it moves forward, many industry insiders remain confident about the future of the manufacturing industry. In the future, with the promotion of government industrial upgrading policy and enterprise digitization transformation, the application of the Internet of things in the field of manufacturing will be more in-depth, and the manufacturing industry will also play a more important role in the process of intelligent upgrading of traditional industries. 

By then, the acceleration of the construction of infrastructure such as 5G low-power WAN, and the access of trillions of new manufacturing equipment to the Internet of things platform will all promote the manufacturing industry to achieve new development results, artificial intelligence, edge computing, etc. Block chain and other technologies to accelerate the convergence of applications with the Internet of things will also become a major trend.

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