The IoT plays a huge role in power operation and maintenance

- May 20, 2019-

Insiders pointed out that before the introduction of IoT technology, the connection between factory power equipment is relatively simple and weak. After the application of the Internet of Things technology, the connection between the power equipment in the workshops of the factory is further strengthened, and the intelligent inspection of the power equipment becomes more efficient and timely. Through real-time monitoring of related equipment, power management personnel can comprehensively analyze various characteristic parameters in the database to further analyze and judge, and timely deal with fault problems.

In the prevention phase of power equipment governance, managers can further develop corresponding early warning mechanisms by analyzing various power data. If the operation of the power equipment is abnormal, the system can automatically issue an alarm. This will help the power management personnel to perform key monitoring and patrol monitoring on certain equipments, thereby reducing the losses caused by sudden power equipment failures.

At present, the application scenarios of the Internet of Things in Chinese power industry are increasing, and the smart grid is also accelerating from conception to practical application. At the same time, more and more IoT power application scenarios involve collaboration between multiple entities and multiple peer entities, which encourages active cooperation between power suppliers, power regulatory authorities, and power users. Communicate and communicate to promote the diversified application of the Internet of Things in the power industry.