The limit of resistive touch screen

- Dec 13, 2018-


Whether it's a four-wire resistor touch screen or a five-wire resistance touch screen, it's a completely isolated working environment, it's not afraid of dust and water vapor, it can be touched with any object, it can be used to write and draw. More suitable for industrial control field and the use of limited people in the office. The common drawback of the resistive touch screen is that the outer layer of the composite film is made of plastic material, and that an unknown person exerts too much force or uses a sharp touch device to scratch the entire touch screen and lead to scrap. Within limits, however, scratches only hurt the outer conductive layer, which does not matter to a five-wire resistor touch screen, but is fatal to a four-wire resistor touch screen. 

Performance feature 

1, they are completely isolated from the outside world working environment, not afraid of dust, water vapor and oil stains; 

2, can use any object to touch, can be used to write and draw, this is their big advantage; 

3. The accuracy of the resistor touch screen depends only on the accuracy of the A / D conversion, so it is easy to achieve 4096 or 4096. In comparison, the five-wire resistor is superior to the four-wire resistor in ensuring resolution accuracy, but the cost is high. So the price is very high.