The notes for Skylake platform to install Win7 OS

- Dec 20, 2018-

The notes for Skylake platform to install Win7


After Intel chips upgrade, the current Skylake platform don’t have USB2.0 signal channel controller anymore. All are USB3.0 control ports (In the actual using, the USB3.0 are downward compatible). So the skylake platform don’t support WIN7 anymore defaultly, because win7 OS don’t include USB3.0 drive by itself.

If we need to install the WIN7 OS into this platform, we can fulfill it by the below methods.   

1- Change the BIOS setup configuration:

Shut off XHCI Hand-off、Open Port 60/64 Emulation option,see below:

(advanced-->USB Configuration-->down)


2- To partition at least 2 zones:

To use winPE OS to partition at least 2 disks


3- copy USB3.0 drive

Copy the prepared USB3.0 driver to the HDD.

(Be attention: don‘t put it into the installing OS driver)


4- Install OS

To install the OS under Winpe

Open the Win system install function


5- Select the install OS files


6- Select the discs, sources---install.wim


7- Then click to start the installation,pop-up the dialog windows, click confirm,waiting for the installation finish


8- After the installation, pop-up the dialog box, click the ‘confirm’, reboot the PC, the installation can use keyboard, mouse…


9- After install the OS, to install the USB3.0 driver at first.

Enter the installed win7 OS, install the USB3.0 driver at first; after that, reboot the PC, and recover the default configuration under BIOS Setup

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