The principle of touch screen

- Dec 17, 2018-

As a special computer peripheral, touch screen is the most simple, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction. It is an attractive new multimedia interactive device. 

The application of touch screen in our country is very broad, mainly public information inquiry, leading office, industrial control, military command, video game, ordering, multimedia teaching, real estate pre-sale and so on; Its use and promotion greatly facilitates people to access and obtain all kinds of information. 

The basic principle of the touch screen: when touching the touch screen installed on the front end of the display with a finger or other object, the position of the touch screen (in coordinate form) is detected by the touch screen controller and sent to the CPU, through an interface (such as RS232 serial interface) To determine the input of information. 

Touch screen system generally includes touch screen controller (card) and touch screen detection device: touch screen controller receives touch information from touch screen detection device, changes it into contact coordinates and sends it to CPU, Receive and execute commands from CPU at the same time. 

The touch screen detection device is usually installed in the front end of the display, which mainly detects the user's touch position and transmits it to the touch screen control card.