The requirements details of a customized industrial panel pc?

- Dec 07, 2018-

Industrial electronics are different from consumer-class products, and use scenarios are sometimes more demanding. Android industrial tablets, the main consideration to the following areas: 


protection grade: to meet the IP65 standards for dust-proof and waterproof, but also to be a bit more resistant to fall; 

Applicable environmental temperature and humidity, such as desert areas, cold zone areas, LCD screens and batteries will often be affected, quality products in this area will be more applicable; 

Service life, industrial products are not like our daily use of mobile phones every year, but to consider the continued use of several years or even longer; generally speaking, the most vulnerable is the battery (mainly depends on the quality of the battery used by the manufacturer); 

Hardware configuration, this current market mainstream products can be basically satisfied, industrial tablets are different from consumer products, do not need to play games and other applications, the mainstream configuration can meet the work needs; 

Operating systems, good products will not only adapt to the newer version of Android, but also some customized services. At present, this piece of relatively good work, such as CILICO, can provide cloud-based device control and big data processing, such as through the management of accounts, batch to all devices to install work applications (for example, there are 1000 tablets). At ordinary times by different staff in different parts of the country to use, installation or upgrade applications are often very troublesome, high time costs, also need training), so can save a lot of time costs; 

The main functions, in addition to the smart tablet features (such as installation applications, etc.), industrial tablets tend to be larger, with some protection of the fuselage accessories, or portable accessories.