The Status of Application Development of Industrial Internet Platform in China

- May 30, 2019-

The industrial Internet platform carries the application ecology upwards and accesses system equipment downwards. It is the hub connecting industrial users, equipment manufacturers and service providers, and is the core of the construction and development of industrial Internet. At present, the construction and application of China's industrial Internet platform is still in its infancy, and platform technology and service capabilities have achieved a single point of innovation, and key industry applications are accelerating application.

The platform application has achieved initial results in improving quality, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The industrial Internet platform mainly includes three typical application scenarios: equipment product management, business operation optimization, and social resource cooperation. The application of China's industrial Internet platform is mainly focused on optimizing the business process field, and reducing the cost of industrial enterprises and improving efficiency. According to the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center's research data on 62 industrial Internet platforms in China in 2018, 70% of the platforms provide equipment condition monitoring and early warning applications, 32% of the platforms can achieve production optimization, and on-demand customization and collaborative R&D design. New applications such as new value creation are less than 10%.

Platform-based data-driven solutions are accelerating. The industrial Internet platform solution transforms the process-driven business system into a new paradigm of data-driven platform application. Through the interconnection of various machines, people and business systems, it promotes the cross-system and end-to-end flow of data, based on data analysis and construction. Model and utilization, realize data-driven production operation closed-loop management and optimization, and form new business models and new formats. The 62 industrial Internet platforms we surveyed have formed 229 typical examples of platform applications, providing industrial enterprises with new data-based technologies, new methods, new services and new values for various industrial application scenarios.

Platform-based industry-critical applications accelerate innovation. At present, the application and promotion of industrial Internet platform is in different stages in various industries, and the application focus and development path show more obvious industry characteristics. In industries with high levels of integration of information technology and industrialization such as electricity and electronics, manufacturing technology, information technology, management technology and knowledge accumulation are relatively mature, and the difficulty of upgrading and transformation is small, and the application of industrial Internet platform is more popular. Process industries such as iron and steel, petrochemicals, and mining have broken the development constraints of production safety and environmental protection issues, and have taken the lead in laying out the platform-based safety and environmental protection comprehensive management and control capacity building, and improved the level of fine management and control using the industrial Internet platform.