The traditional applications of Industrial IoT

- May 24, 2019-

The following use cases provide a typical example of how an enterprise can benefit from the Industrial IoT.

Construction industry

Caterpillar offers an example of predictive maintenance using the Industrial IoT. The Caterpillar Maritime Division has introduced the Caterpillar Asset Intelligence Platform based on the Pentaho platform for data integration and analysis. The company installed IoT sensors to monitor almost all of the equipment on the ship, including engines, fuel gauges, and air conditioners.

The system detects that the amount of electricity used in the reefer is proportional to the fuel gauge reading. The data is then used to optimize operational settings by simply adjusting the generator power output. As a result, predictive maintenance analysis saves users $30 per hour and saves more than $650,000 per year for large fleets operating 50 ships.

Natural gas industry

Oil and gas industry companies like Marathon Petroleum are using the Internet of Things to ensure the safety of their workers, using wireless sensors to monitor employees' exposure to harmful gases, and notifying them when they reach dangerous levels. The company no longer uses manpower for high-risk operations such as remote pipeline inspection, and industrial drones can handle these operations very successfully.

In 2013, Marathon Petroleum acquired a refinery in Texas, owned by BP, which exploded in 2005, killing 15 workers and injuring more than 170. The company is currently successfully using real-time monitoring and preventive maintenance to save lives and reduce risk factors.

Mining industry

The industrial Internet of Things solution used by Komatsu Mining Japan uses real-time data collected from equipment and sensors to optimize machine operation. The connected equipment includes large-scale mining equipment such as longwall mining systems, wheel loaders, and electric mining shovel. In addition, Komatsu Mining uses machine learning to process terabytes of data and gain insights to improve its operational efficiency.

According to a recent survey by Inmarsat, the adoption of industrial IoT in the mining industry also helps companies comply with environmental regulations and corporate social responsibility policies.