There is no real machine tool intelligent factory in the world

- Jan 19, 2019-

"The construction of intelligent factories in China's machine tool industry is basically zero," Jin Xinwei, an intelligent manufacturing management consultant, said bluntly. "Even Ningxia Little Giant Machine Tool Co., Ltd., which is known as China's first world-class intelligent networked machine tool manufacturing factory, invested by Japan Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, is far from the real intelligent factory."

Little Giant's machining workshop realizes the production line networking and flexible production. It can collect the processing data, process data and health status data of each equipment in real time, and also send production instructions and procedures to the equipment through the intelligent production center. These characteristics coincide with the hardware architecture of intelligent manufacturing, which can preliminarily determine that the machining workshop of Little Giant is an intelligent workshop. However, it is not known whether the value of real-time data can be fully exploited.

Whether real-time data is valuable or not is the real judgment standard of intelligent factory. Jin Xinwei believes that there is still a long way to go for the construction of intelligent factories of major machine tool manufacturers in China compared with Little Giant.

"The construction of intelligent factory in China's machine tool industry needs two steps." Jin Xinwei pointed out that: The first step is the intelligent production of functional components. The production standardization of miniaturized functional components is higher, the realization of intelligent manufacturing is relatively easy, the production layout of large components is dispersed, and the realization of intelligent manufacturing is more difficult.

What he refers to as "easy" is only relatively easy. Intelligent production of functional components requires quantitative management, standardization management, TOC management, line balance management, SMED technology, TPM management, machine tool networking technology, online data acquisition technology, data application technology and other management systems and technical support.

The second step is intelligent assembly. Because of the particularity of the weight and volume of machine tool bed, the intelligent assembly of machine tool has become a world-class problem.

"It can be said that there is no real machine intelligence factory in the world." Jin Xinwei concluded.

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