Tool automation

- Jan 23, 2019-

Tool Automation (Auto), mainly for work in process management, production data collection, process parameter management, transfer management, mixed batch management, online sampling management, five major spindles.

Common machine automation consists of two architectures:


1, BC (Block Control System): The Chinese name is “Device Line Control System”, which is used to integrate the communication between the various devices on the production line. The main task is to transmit the process parameters of the MES to each equipment machine and control the WIP. Balance, record the relevant parameters of each WIP in the production process, and return to the MES system at the end of the process.

2, EAP (Equipment Automation Program): Chinese name is "machine automation program", used as the device control computer Control PC, CPC) and MES interface program, its own logic is not much, the main task is to the device master computer The format of the data is converted to a message that the MES can accept.

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