Trends in smart factories under Industry 4.0

- May 22, 2019-

In recent years, the concept of “smart factory” with the theme of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things has become an increasingly popular term. Through industrial IoT technology, the connection of all equipment, products and people in smart factories can be improved. Productivity, reduced waste and downtime, and optimized manufacturing processes.

On the production line, the machine vision system is mainly responsible for image acquisition, processing and measurement, capturing product images for analysis according to different quality and safety parameters. Usually the system includes lighting, lens, image sensor, visual processing and communication equipment, etc. Combined with hardware, a high-performance machine vision system helps to reliably solve complex industrial tasks.

Machine vision plays a key role in future smart factories, and future automated production lines will be able to adjust themselves to maximize quality, yield and profitability. Smart factories will soon move from concept to reality, and new production technologies provide opportunities to improve the overall process for manufacturing, logistics and warehousing environments.