Trillion industrial internet market

- Apr 17, 2019-

The first half of the Internet is the consumer Internet, represented by e-commerce, search and social networking; the second half is the industrial Internet, focusing on the primary, secondary and traditional service industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, catering, retail, Medical, etc.

Among them, the manufacturing industry accounts for a relatively high proportion of the entire industry, and is the pillar of the national economy, and its product and production line standardization is relatively high, and the basis of digital application is good. Therefore, the “industry Internet” in the usual sense refers to the industrial field. The application of manufacturing.

On September 26 last year, Wang Xinzhe, chief economist of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at the 2018 Jiangsu Internet Conference that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will focus on accelerating the construction and development of the industrial Internet.

For the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the external network is mostly "Industrial Internet" rather than "Industrial Internet". Zhang Jianyun, Assistant President of Kingdee China and General Manager of K/3 Product Division, told the Financial Union reporter that "the complexity of industry is the highest. Professional barriers are also higher than other industries. Once the industry is done, there are not many other industry problems in the industry."

According to the evolution of the manufacturing industry, it can be divided into four stages: the first stage is the automation stage represented by CNC machine tools and robots; the second stage is enterprise informationization; the third stage is also where we are now. Phase - networked; the next step in a networked digital factory is intelligence.

The intelligent representative is the opening of automation and information, including the application of new technologies such as cloud platform, big data, and AI. The industrial Internet mentioned today is the development of networking and intelligence.

According to estimates by the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance, the direct industrial scale of China's industrial Internet in 2017 is about 570 billion yuan. Based on the annual average compound growth rate of 18% from 2017 to 2020, it is estimated that its market size will reach one trillion yuan in 2020.