Two 'Visual' in the process of digitizing the manufacturing process

- Apr 18, 2019-

Two "visual" in the process of digitizing the manufacturing process

To achieve a digital transformation of manufacturing business processes, the key to Haier's connected factories is how to “digitalize” the information in the process. Here, "digital" can be understood as "transparent visual transparency under the digital support", including two meanings: one is the full process visibility of the enterprise production, and the other is the visibility of user information.

“Company full process visualization” needs to realize “IT and OT integration” on the infrastructure, which means three-network integration of workshop Internet of Things, information communication network and after-sales service network, and ERP, PLM with iMES as the core. Five major systems integration of industrial control and logistics systems.

“User Information Visibility” requires “wider interconnection and interoperability”. On the one hand, it is internal and external interconnection, and the interconnection and interoperability between users and design and production departments is realized through the Internet, and efficient coordination; on the other hand, information exchange, machine equipment and product data Interoperability, and ultimately interoperability with user data. That is to say, the information of the products in the market can be reflected in the real-time interconnection factory to the processing equipment, logistics materials, processing suppliers, and even the performance of the employees can be driven by the user's evaluation of the products.

In the future, Haier's digitization will evolve toward “intelligence”. The first is to open up the heat insulation wall for R&D and manufacturing, which is end-to-end. Secondly, the requirements are virtual and real integration, mutual verification and optimization, which is the combination of reality and virtuality. It can be verified in the virtual world, and the user can further improve Create a sense of participation experience, and at the same time, the manufacturing process can improve the processing success rate.