User Demand Forces Manufacturing Upgrade

- Jan 19, 2019-

"It's the users who drive us to change." Huang Yunying, executive vice president of Shenji Intelligent Systems Research and Design Co., Ltd., said frankly. Shenyang Machine Tool Group, one of the "new-old eighteen Arhats", can be said to be developing while reforming. Its idea of intelligent upgrade began in 2010, and formed a prototype design. In 2013, it started to upgrade the production site, quality traceability, operation management, service system and other aspects of modularization.

The huge and complex task of information upgrade is undertaken by Shenzhen Aircraft Intelligent System Research and Design Co., Ltd. According to Huang Yunying, the first step is to realize the informationization and digitalization of the field links, build a basic framework, connect personnel, archives, quality and other data information through the iSESOL industrial cloud platform; the second step is to optimize and upgrade the management and service processes; and finally extend to the customer's after-sales service system.


Everyone is building an upgraded intelligent factory. How are the "industrial mothers" doing?

For example, each i5 intelligent machine tool has its own identity "two-dimensional code", data can be directly up to the cloud, through the cloud platform can achieve product quality management, equipment information tracking, spare parts management, remote diagnosis and maintenance and other closed-loop management and control.

Huang Yunying said that the intelligent upgrading construction of traditional factories is a complex and systematic project, involving R&D, design, manufacturing, warehousing logistics, marketing, after-sales service, information consultation and other links. Enterprises need to be based on the whole life cycle value chain of products to achieve the integration and development of manufacturing technology and information technology in all links.

It is the original motive force for most machine tool manufacturers to solve the problems arising from the internal operation of enterprises and meet the needs of customers for traceability of product quality. Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool is no exception.

According to Chen Lei of Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool, Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool was one of the earliest enterprises in China to explore the construction of information technology, but at that time it was not called information technology, but computer application. From touching the stones and crossing the river to importing the technology and software products at home and abroad, Jinan No.2 Machine Tool has constructed the technology development and application platform system with PLM as the core management, the production and manufacturing management platform system with ERP as the core, the enterprise intranet integrated information management platform system with office system as the core, the marketing information management system, the supply chain information management system and the external network website. The system is the core of the enterprise e-commerce application platform system, which integrates bidding, procurement, marketing, service, publicity and foreign technical cooperation.

Taking the large-scale intelligent stamping production line of automobile body as an example, Jinan No.2 Machine Tool integrates the traditional power transmission technology with digital technology, information technology, bus technology and network technology, realizes online real-time control, online monitoring, self-diagnosis, self-repair and remote monitoring services of large-scale high-speed stamping automation production line, so as to meet the high production equipment of automobile manufacturing industry for stamping parts. Demand trend of degree automation, artificial intelligence and low cost.

It is understood that at present, the digital upgrading and optimization of Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool Factory is mainly implemented by the company's technology center.

On behalf of Dalian Guangyang Group, private enterprises invested 2.3 billion yuan to build Dalian Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industrial Park. Among them, the 250,000 square meters of constant temperature and wetland Tibetan main workshop located underground has attracted much attention. The Industrial Park adopts the integration technology of "big data + Internet + Internet of things + artificial intelligence" to realize the implementation plan of digitalization, networking and intelligent chemical plant control.


As the largest investment project in the field of machine tools in China, Dalian Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industrial Park has a high self-supporting rate. According to Wang Xinguang of Dalian Guangyang Group, after years of independent innovation, Guangyang Science and Technology Group has formed a complete technology chain and industry chain from key executing components, CNC systems, various servo motors to five-axis compound CNC machining center, so as to achieve 85% of the independent matching rate.

"On the one hand, we carry out intelligent upgrade pilot application in old factories, constantly accumulate successful experience and suitable solutions; on the other hand, we deploy and implement industrial parks in stages and steps." Wang Xinguang said.

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