What are the core functions of the industrial Internet platform?

- Mar 26, 2019-

The industrial Internet platform is aimed at the digitalization, networking and intelligentization of manufacturing industries. It builds a service system based on massive data collection, aggregation and analysis, and supports the ubiquitous connection, flexible supply and efficient configuration of manufacturing resources. Its core elements include data collection. System, industrial PaaS platform, industrial hardware, application service system. Its core role is mainly reflected in three aspects:

The first is to be able to play the agglomeration effect of the platform.

The industrial Internet platform carries hundreds of millions of equipment, systems, process parameters, software tools, enterprise business needs and manufacturing capabilities. It is the carrier of industrial resource aggregation and sharing, and is the key to networked collaborative optimization, which has spawned the manufacturing crowd. A series of new Internet modes and new formats, such as innovation, collaborative manufacturing and intelligent services.

The second is to be able to assume the core key role of industrial resource allocation.

The industrial Internet platform connects down to massive equipment, carries industrial experience and knowledge model, and up-to-point industrial optimization application. It is the hub of industrial all-factor linkage, the core of industrial resource allocation, and drives the intelligent operation of advanced manufacturing systems. Industrial computing system is also very important, such as industrial computer, industrial panel computer, industrial touch monitors.

The third is the tremendous energy that can release the cloud computing platform.

With its advanced computing architecture and high-performance cloud computing infrastructure, the Industrial Internet Platform can integrate, store and calculate massive amounts of heterogeneous data, and solve the problem that the explosive growth of industrial data processing does not match the computing power of existing industrial systems. Speed up the data-driven network and intelligent process.