What are the recent profiles and characteristics of the global industrial Internet development?

- Mar 26, 2019-

At present, the global industrial Internet is in the critical period of industrial structure and the window of scale expansion. Developed countries accelerate the layout around core standards, technologies and platforms. The United States and Germany have maintained their lead, and countries such as Japan, South Korea, France, India, and Brazil have accelerated their pace of catching up.

The United States regards the Industrial Internet as an important foundation for advanced manufacturing. Its leading industrial Internet alliance, which brings together 270 companies in 38 countries and regions, is trying to become a global industrial Internet development hub.

Germany regards the industrial Internet platform as the key support of Industry 4.0, and gathers leading enterprises to promote standards, development, testing, etc., and has become an important driving force for the development of the global industrial Internet. The two camps are accelerating the docking of the two sides and achieving strong alliances. Germany industrial internet is very strong, it also refer to its strong industrial hardware, including industrial gateway, industrial computer, embedded computer system, touch monitor, touch panel computer...etc.

At the same time, the industrial Internet platform has become the focus of global competition, showing a spurt development, currently more than 150. Multinational giants actively create a three-dimensional new advantage of "international brand + high-end products + advanced platform". GE's Predix platform covers wind power, aviation and other fields, and gathers 20,000 developers. It has developed 160 kinds of APPs.