What aspects should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of embedded pc?

- Dec 06, 2018-

As we all know, the industrial control computer is born to adapt to the harsh environment. Its power supply, chassis and motherboard are designed to adapt to the uninterrupted operation for a long time. In order for it to have a longer life and to maintain good stability throughout its use, it is necessary to maintain it regularly. What steps are needed? Let me tell you something. 

Specific needs to do the following: 

firstly, chassis industrial control power: try to reduce the entry of dust, to prevent excessive humidity. Passive bottom: provide power for all kinds of board card, its daily maintenance should pay attention to three points: can not pull board card under the condition that the bottom plate is electrified, do not push too hard when inserting board card, when cleaning the bottom plate with alcohol, we should pay attention to prevent the tool from scratching the bottom board. Do not accumulate dust in the slot, otherwise easy to contact bad and short circuit. The metal feet in the slot are aligned without bending, so as not to show the boot, the board card can not be found, and so on. 

Secondly, the main board of industrial control computer is specially designed to run for a long time in the special environment of high and low temperature, what it should pay attention to in the application is that it can not be plugged in live to avoid the damage of the Jack; The jumper line on the main board should not jump casually, otherwise it will be damaged by the different voltage setting of the main board. The dust of the main board should be cleaned regularly and not be cleaned with alcohol or water. The dust can be sucked or blown off by using dry brush or vacuum cleaner. Keep the memory slot clean on the motherboard. 

Thirdly, hard disk, optical drive, floppy drive hard disk: do not disassemble hard disk at will, avoid vibration and extrusion; avoid often sudden shutdown, avoid hard disk track damage data loss; do not arbitrarily touch the jumper device on hard disk; When handling must use antistatic plastic bag packaging or sponges and other shock-proof pressure materials fixed, often check the virus to prevent invasion; in the operating system energy-saving function should be used reasonably in order to extend the hard disk service life. Optical drive: do not open the door at will in use, prevent dust from entering the drive, do not vibrate, distort, beat in the process of use. The data line should be connected unobstructed to ensure that the CD drive read disk smoothly. Floppy drive: do not put bad disk, toxic disk into floppy drive, do not use inferior and moldy floppy disk to prevent scratching magnetic head. When the floppy drive is reading and writing to the disk (floppy drive indicator light), do not forcibly take out the disk in case the head is damaged or the head is offset, resulting in failure to read and write normally. 

Fourthly, all kinds of boards (graphics card, sound card, network card, etc.) are mainly dustproof, straight plug can not bend, and can not live dial plug.