What is a Mini-ITX computer?

- Jun 17, 2019-

While the Mini-ITX single board computer shares much in common with the Micro-ATX and Flex-ATX, there have also been a few advances. Physically, the mini ITX at 170mm x 170mm is about 33% smaller than the flex ATX and is described as the “worlds smallest x86 mainboard platform.” One of the key advantages of the Mini-ITX single board computer is that it is based on the low power VIA processor platform, which include the VIA C3, and Eden processors. The mini ITX can also provide the benefits of a fanless solution. It is also backwards compatible with both the flex ATX and the micro ATX. The mini-ITX is considered to be a single board computer because you can have all the functions of an embedded computer system by just adding some memory, a hard drive and a power supply. 

The Mini ITX single board computer can be best utilized by applications such as industrial automation, factory automation, medical system, instrumentation, Point Of Sales (POS), KIOSK, and even Gaming.