what is an embedded mainboard

- Dec 17, 2018-

Compared to regular mainboard, the so-called embedded mainboards include below features:

1, CPU can be either a normal plug-in or a part of the board sticker. 

2, memory slots usually have 1-2 slots 

3, integrated graphics cards, 

4, I/O devices, but some motherboards omit the print port 

5, PCI ports, usually 2-3 ports;

The motherboard, which really conforms to the industrial control standard, is divided into two parts. The first part is "industrial control motherboard" part! This part of the function is the same as the motherboard we use! But the industrial control motherboard is designed to be a card! It's like a giant video card! Two rows of gold fingers on the bottom of the motherboard! However, this section does not contain any extension slots! The second part is the "extended Interface Board" section! There are several PCI and ISA slots on it! There is also a "industrial control motherboard" slot! The actual installation of the "extended interface board" fixed to the chassis on the bottom! And the "industrial control motherboard" is inserted in the "extended interface board"! That sounds a little weird. 

Main applications of industrial control motherboards for multiple PCI or ISA devices: 

the low-power series embedded industrial motherboards and the low-power tablets developed on the basis of them. GPS navigation motherboard, low power embedded industrial control computer, data acquisition module and other series of products, at the same time the company provides a variety of industrial control motherboard and digital LCD screen point screen scheme, while undertaking industrial control motherboard OEM production and ODM design. Main applications: industrial control equipment, GPS navigation, sewage on-line monitoring, air on-line monitoring, instrumentation, professional equipment controller, military industry, government agencies, telecommunications, banking, power, on-board LCD, monitor, visual doorbell, portable DVD, LCD TV, environmental protection equipment, etc.