What is an industrial control computer?

- Apr 13, 2019-

What is the difference with a normal computer? 

Simply speaking: the industrial computer is more stable than the ordinary computer. For example, the industrial computer is often used in ATM. 

Industrial computer definition: Industrial computer is industrial control computer, but now, the more fashionable name is industrial computer or industrial computer, referred to as IPC, popularly, it is a computer specially designed for industrial sites. 

Field of use: At present, households, units, and enterprises use more such as: control site, road and bridge toll, medical, environmental protection, communication, intelligent transportation, monitoring, voice, queue, POS, CNC machine tools, fuel dispensers, finance, petrochemical, Geophysical exploration, field portable, environmental protection, military, electric power, railway, highway, aerospace, subway, etc. 

The difference from the ordinary computer: the industrial computer is also a computer, but it is more stable than the ordinary computer, and it is better in moisture resistance, shock resistance and diamagnetism. There is no problem in starting the operation for 24 hours. The industrial computer can also be connected to the TV. It can be used with the display. There are also many households. It is generally used in harsh environments or where the performance requirements of the machine are relatively high.