What is an LED-Backlit LCD Panel Display?

- May 14, 2019-

LED-- short for light emitting diodes is the latest and greatest on screen display producing advanced picture quality.  They can perform a wide variety of tasks such as transmitting information from a remote control, illuminating a traffic light, and creating crisp images on a television or computer monitor.  LEDs have enhanced the development of new text and video displays and allowed technologies to advance.

LED backlit display

What is the difference between LED and LCD?

LCD is short for Liquid Crystal Display.  Although both have different qualities of display, LEDs fall under the category of LCDs because the screen on both is a Liquid Crystal Display.

LCD panels use red, green, and blue sub-pixels to produce different colors.  They use a very thing lamp as a light source called a backlight which creates light that passes through the first piece of glass.  Simultaneously, liquid crystal molecules allow light to pass through the second piece of glass to create a detailed picture.  For more information on the LCD, visit Acnodes Glossary.

LEDs use a color wheel to produce more realistic and sharper colors to create better picture quality.  They use tiny light bulbs that fit easily into an electrical circuit to provide better power consumption while increasing the lifespan of an LED by thousands of hours.


What are the advantages of an LED?

Because LEDs use small bulbs rather than incandescent lamps, they are much more durable and long lasting.  Incandescent lamps generate heat quicker when producing light, therefore completely wasting energy.  LEDs generate very little heat which promotes efficiency and decreases power consumption.

Although LEDs are considerably pricy, the bigger advantages include better picture quality display, more advanced technology, energy conservation, and double the lifespan of LCDs.

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