What is digital transformation and where is the problem of transformation?

- Jun 18, 2019-

The digital transformation combines the cumbersome and inefficient manufacturing processes of traditional industrial enterprises through high-efficiency and intelligent management software to bridge the tacit understanding of each link, reduce unnecessary material waste, simplify personnel operations, and finally complete the upgrade from traditional factories to smart factories.

Digital transformation is so difficult to implement such a complex set of software in local companies. Every industrial product has its own unique process flow, and each step is very different. It is full of difficulties in developing intelligent management software, which leads to the end of many expectant digital transformations becoming a “semi-finished product”.

This incomplete digital transformation has actually increased the productivity of the factory in a small amount, but it has also exposed many problems. The instability of the system increases the risk in the production process, the equipment has a fault, and the personnel operation violation cannot be dealt with in time, which easily leads to various problems and affects production. Various problems such as disk corruption and data deletion in the system can easily cause irreparable damage.

Fortunately, people have found a good way to solve this problem, a black technology called "edge computing." By optimizing the calculation process, releasing the independence of each calculation link, and optimizing the logic algorithm of the underlying program, the stability of the entire system can be greatly improved.

When the factory is producing, some electronic components in the control room are faulty, or the program is wrong. The controller under the “edge calculation” technology will adjust in real time to avoid unexpected situations. This technology provides a stable safety guarantee for the production of the factory.