What is embedded computer?

- Apr 06, 2019-

The structure of the embedded industrial computer can be divided into five types:

1. Passive backplane:

The passive backplane is designed as a multi-slot backplane in the form of a bus structure (such as STD, ISA, PCI bus, etc.), and various function templates such as a CPU motherboard and a CRT display interface board can be inserted in the backplane slot.

The structure of the bottom plate is based on the modular design idea, which can be designed into different functional templates in the form of plate structure according to different control, and constitute the control system of different control objects. The backplane of the personal pc is an integrated body of bus and function modules, which has poor expansion functions (small slots) but saves space.

2, CPU card:

IPC has a variety of CPU cards, which can be divided into long cards and half-length cards according to the size. According to the processor, it can be divided into 386, 486, 586, PII, PIII motherboards, and users can choose any one according to their own needs. Its main features are: operating temperature 0-60 ° C; equipped with a "watchdog" timer; low power consumption, the maximum is 5V / 2.5A.

3. Industrial power supply:

Industrial electricity is generally 3 phase 380 volts. The industrial power supply can start the motor and change the direction of rotation. In addition, it can avoid excessive current and heat when using high-power appliances.

4, all steel chassis:

The all-steel chassis is designed according to the standard, anti-impact, anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference, and can be installed inside the PC-bus compatible passive backplane.

5, other accessories:

Other IPC accessories are basically compatible with PCs, mainly CPU, memory, graphics card, hard disk, floppy drive, keyboard, mouse, optical drive, display and so on.

The embedded industrial computer solves the problem that the traditional industrial computer has large size, the chassis is difficult to disassemble, the maintenance is inconvenient, the black mode cannot be operated, and the requirements of the embedded environment cannot be fully satisfied.

At present, the global economy and science and technology development has entered a new stage. According to professional report analysis, the annual average growth rate of the domestic industrial computer market is above 15%. The potential of industrial computer in all walks of life is constantly being tapped, market demand is growing, industrial control The role played by the machine is also becoming more and more important. Under this background, industrial chain related manufacturers such as industrial computer, industrial motherboard, data acquisition board and application system will usher in important development opportunities. The future market prospect of industrial computer is very considerable.