What is industrial communication gateway?

- Dec 04, 2018-

What's industrial communcation gateway?

Industrial communication gateway can convert packets between various network protocols, and its functions can be realized by a chip, an embedded device or a board, or an independent device. Other devices, such as PC, can also function as gateways (or device servers). The gateway must be able to fully parse the contents of the message and intelligently convert it to another protocol, according to Helge Hornis, the smart systems manager.

The system function of a industiral communication gateway?

The HDC Server3.0 gateway server includes two parts: hardware and software. The conventional hardware supports two physical connection modes, serial port and Ethernet. Through pluggable backplane, it can support various fieldbus such as CC-Link,CAN Bus,DeviceNet,Profibus,LonWorks, etc. 

Realize the unification and standardization of different physical connection methods. Through the configuration program provided by the system on the PC computer, the user can set up the communication protocol running on different physical channels to collect data, and the physical address, channel address or parameter name of the data device to be collected, etc. 

After the user completes the configuration, the configured project can be downloaded to the hardware device, and the gateway running program in the hardware device can be remotely started to collect data. For the data collected in the hardware device, the gateway operation program can perform various operations in a variety of ways, including: data transformation, data filtering, operation processing, historical data storage, statistical processing, alarm processing, service request and so on. 

For the processed data, the gateway running program can be configured according to the configuration, including physical connection mode, data forwarding protocol type, station physical address, forwarding data channel address or parameter name, etc. Forward data to other application systems.

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