What is industrial gateway?

- Apr 13, 2019-

Ordinary router: The same protocol moves data between different networks.

Industrial Gateway: A computer system or device that acts as a conversion. Moving data between two systems using different communication protocols, data formats or languages, and even completely different architectures, is the most complex network interconnection device. 

Intelligent Industrial Gateway: Intelligent industrial gateway, integrated with edge computing, in addition to the basic protocol conversion function, it also has the following functions: 1. It can actively collect and transmit data, 2. Analyze data, 3. Carry out data Filtering and aggregation. 

The new generation of intelligent industrial gateways focuses on data polymorphism, protocol compatibility and edge processing of data. It is more convenient to deploy and operate, and the application scenarios and fields are more and more extensive. In the construction of the Internet of Everything based on the cloud computing architecture, the intelligent industrial gateway has become the user's first choice.