What is infrared touch screen

- Dec 13, 2018-


In the early days, the infrared touch screen had some technical limitations, such as low resolution, limited touch mode and easy to be disturbed by the environment, so it was once out of the market. Since then, the second generation infrared screen has solved the problem of anti-interference, the third generation and the fourth generation have also improved the resolution and stability performance, but there has not been a qualitative leap in the key index or comprehensive performance. However, people who know touch screen technology know that infrared touch screen is not disturbed by current, voltage and static electricity, and it is suitable for harsh environmental conditions. Infrared technology is the final development trend of touch screen products. Touch screens using acoustics and other materials technology have insurmountable barriers, such as damage to a single sensor, aging, fear of contamination of touch interfaces, destructive use, complex maintenance, and so on. As long as infrared touch screen realizes high stability and high resolution, it will replace other technology products and become the mainstream of touch screen market. 

In the past, the resolution of the infrared touch screen was determined by the number of infrared pairs in the frame, so the resolution was relatively low. The main domestic product in the market was 32x32x 40X32. In addition, it was said that the infrared screen was more sensitive to light and environmental factors. When the light changes greatly will misjudge or even crash. These are the weaknesses of foreign non-infrared touch-screen sales promotion domestic agents. And the resolution of the latest technology, the fifth generation infrared screen, depends on the number of infrared tubes, the scanning frequency, and the difference algorithm. The resolution has reached 1000X720. It has better overcome the weakness of resisting light interference. 

The fifth generation infrared touch screen is a new generation of intelligent technology product. It realizes the hardware adaptability and highly intelligent discriminant recognition of high resolution, multi-level self-adjustment and self-recovery. It can be used for a long time in all kinds of bad environment. And can be customized for user expansion functions, such as network control, sound induction, human proximity, user software encryption protection, infrared data transmission. Another major disadvantage of the infrared touch screen promoted by the media is its poor anti-riot performance. In fact, the infrared screen can completely choose any kind of anti-riot glass that the customer considers satisfactory without adding too much cost and affecting its performance. This is beyond the reach of other touch screens.