What is machine vision

- Dec 18, 2018-

Machine vision is a branch of the rapid development of artificial intelligence. In short, machine vision is the use of machines instead of human eyes to do measurement and judgment. The machine vision system converts the captured target into an image signal through the machine vision product (that is, the image capturing device, which is divided into CMOS and CCD), and transmits it to the special image processing system to obtain the morphological information of the target. According to pixel distribution, brightness, color and other information, converted into digital signal; The image system performs various operations on these signals to extract the features of the target, and then according to the discriminant results to control the field movement of the equipment.


Machine vision is a comprehensive technology, including image processing, mechanical engineering, control, electrical lighting, optical imaging, sensors, analog and digital video technology, computer hardware and software technology (image enhancement and analysis algorithm, image card, I / O card etc. A typical machine vision application system includes image capture, light source system, image digitization module, digital image processing module, intelligent decision making module and mechanical control execution module. The most basic characteristic of machine vision system is to improve the flexibility and automation of production. 

Machine vision is commonly used to replace artificial vision in situations where it is not suitable for manual work or where artificial vision is difficult to meet the requirements. At the same time, the efficiency and automation of production can be greatly improved by using machine vision detection method in the process of mass repeated industrial production.