What is the difference between the Industrial Internet and the normal Internet?

- Mar 26, 2019-

Industrial Internet is a new field of Internet development. It is an evolutionary upgrade based on the Internet and applied to the real economy. The normal Internet generally refers to the consumer Internet. In contrast, the Industrial Internet has three distinct characteristics.

The first is that the connection objects are different:

The consumer Internet is mainly connected to people, and the application scenario is relatively simple. The industrial Internet realizes a wider range of connections between industrial economic production factors such as people, machines, and objects, and upstream and downstream business processes. The types and numbers of connections are more and the scenarios are complicated.

The second is the technical requirements are different:

The characteristics of the consumer Internet network technology are highlighted as the “best effort” service method, and the requirements for network delay and reliability are relatively not strict. However, the industrial Internet not only supports industrial manufacturing with high requirements for network service quality, but also supports networked services and management with high coverage and high flexibility. Therefore, network performance requires lower delay and higher reliability. Due to the direct involvement of industrial production, industrial Internet security requirements are higher.

The third is the development model is different:

The threshold for consumer Internet applications is low, and the development model is reproducible. It is driven by Internet companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Ali, and Tencent. Industrial Internet involves high standards of application industry, high professional requirements, and it is difficult to find a universal development model. Manufacturing companies such as General Electric, Siemens, and Aerospace Science and Technology play a vital role. At the same time, the Internet industry is mostly a light asset, with a short payback period and a large attraction to social capital. The industrial Internet is relatively heavy assets, asset specificity, long return on investment, and there are still some cognitive barriers.