What is the value, significance and purpose of the Industrial Internet of Things?

- May 14, 2019-

The Internet realizes the connection between computers and computers, or realizes the connection between people. This connection brings the convenience of human interaction. On this basis, many new and subversive business models emerge, such as e-commerce. , instant messaging, social media, etc.; and the Internet of Things will realize the connection between people and things, things and things, we also hope to bring a new, subversive business model, and even further, expecting to bring human life, production A new subversive model of the way.

As the industrial Internet of Things in the main battlefield of the Internet of Things, people expect it to bring revolutionary changes in industrial design, manufacturing, and circulation, inject new vitality into traditional industries, provide new potential energy, and drive industry in higher dimensions. Development, innovation, and even change. With the improvement of computing and storage capabilities, especially the development of big data and artificial intelligence, any industry has put forward unprecedented requirements for data acquisition methods. The requirements for data acquisition methods are mainly reflected in four characteristics, the first is efficiency; the second is accuracy; the third is real-time; the fourth is economic; under the current technical ability, the four characteristics can be met simultaneously. The industrial Internet of Things, first of all, chip technology has developed to a MCU with strong computing power below the US dollar, the price of RFID chips has even reached the order of cents, making the Industrial Internet of Things have a material basis, while meeting the economy. Sexual requirements; the development of communication technology in the past 30 years, from analog to digital, from simple modulation to the commercialization of complex modulation technology, enables wireless communication to cover a few hundred meters or even several kilometers at a low cost, meeting data acquisition. The intensive deployment requirements, and due to the permanent online characteristics of the Industrial Internet of Things, enable the Industrial Internet of Things to meet the high-efficiency and real-time requirements of data acquisition; microelectronics technology has also experienced rapid development in recent years, both in price and in progress. There have been great breakthroughs in the data, to meet the accuracy of data acquisition.

All in all, the emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things is an irreversible trend that emerges when the following conditions mature:

   1. The rapidly changing market needs data support, which has created an urgent demand for data acquisition by the market;

   2. The development of MCU has led to a rapid increase in computing power;

   3. The communication technology with modulation technology as the core develops into the pipeline foundation established by networking;

   4. Sensing technology, especially the development of microelectronics technology marked by MEMS, provides assurance to the world of perception;

The Industrial Internet of Things is not planned. It is the product of the evolution of various technologies and needs. It occurs naturally after life, production, and economic development reach a certain height. It is a natural product brought by many industries and driven by demand.

Through the Industrial Internet of Things, digital objects that cannot be digitized in the traditional economy can be digitized, and traditionally non-digital behaviors can be digitized, and traditional possibilities cannot be made possible, and even become easy to obtain and solve solutions.