What's the difference between IPC and consumer PC

- Dec 03, 2018-

Industrial computer (Industrial Personal Computer-IPC) is a kind of reinforced enhanced personal computer, which can operate reliably in industrial environment as an industrial control. As early as the early 1980s, AD Company of the United States introduced the MAC-150 industrial control computer similar to IPC, and then IBM Company of the United States officially introduced the industrial personal computer IBM7532.. Because of its reliable performance, rich software and low price. At present, IPC has been widely used in communications, industrial control sites, road and bridge charges, medical, environmental protection and all aspects of people's lives. 

The technical features of IPC are as follows: 

1. Adopting the all-steel chemical industrial chassis in accordance with the standard of "EIA", the ability of resisting electromagnetic interference is enhanced;

2. The bus structure and modular design technology are adopted. The CPU and each function module use the board type structure and the soft lock with the pressure bar, which improves the ability of resisting shock and vibration;

3. Double fan is installed in the chassis, positive pressure convection exhaust air, and dust filter net to prevent dust;

4, with a highly reliable industrial power supply, and overvoltage, over-current protection;

5. Power supply and keyboard are equipped with electronic lock switch to prevent illegal opening, closing and illegal keyboard input;

6, with self-diagnosis function;

7. Selectable I / O template as needed;

8, with watchdog timer, due to failure when the machine, no human intervention and automatic reset;

9, good opening, good compatibility, absorbed all the functions of PC machine, can run all kinds of application software of PC machine directly;

10, can configure real-time operating system, easy to schedule and run multi-task;

11, can use passive motherboard (bottom board), easy to upgrade the system. 

The main structure of IPC: 

1. The whole steel chassis of IPC is designed according to the standard design, anti-shock, anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference, the inside can be installed with the passive bottom plate compatible with PC-bus; 2. The slot of passive bottom is composed of several slots of ISA and PCI bus. The number and position of ISA or PCI slot are selected according to the need. The board is a four-layer structure, and the middle two layers are stratum and power layer respectively. This structure can attenuate the mutual interference of logic signals on board and reduce the power impedance. Base board can be plugged into various boards, including CPU card, display card, control card, I / O card and so on;

3. The industrial power supply is AT switching power supply, and the average failure-free operation time is 250000 hours;

4. There are many kinds of CPU cards of IPC card, which can be divided into long card and half long card according to the size, and can be divided into 386U 486U 586U PIIPIII motherboard according to the processor, the user can choose their own according to their own needs. Its main features are: working temperature 0-600C; equipped with "watchdog" timer; low power consumption, up to 5 V / 2.5 A;

5, other accessories: IPC other accessories are basically compatible with PC machines, mainly CPU, memory, graphics card, hard disk, floppy drive, keyboard, mouse, optical drive, display, etc.