What's the industrial panel pc used for in modern automation factories

- Dec 03, 2018-

In modern industrial production equipment, there are a large number of digital and analog control devices, such as the start and stop of the motor, the opening and closing of solenoid valves, the counting of products, the setting and control of temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc. PLC technology is the most effective and convenient tool to solve the above problems, so PLC has been widely used in the field of industrial control. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) has been playing an important role in industrial automation control, which provides a wide range of reliable control applications for all kinds of automatic control equipment. Industrial panel PC as a very important sector for the whole process control, it can provide the excellent computing processing performance and visible display.

PLC can provide a reliable and perfect solution for automatic control applications, which is suitable for the needs of current automation industry enterprises. With the development of computer technology and communication technology, the field of industrial control has undergone tremendous changes, while PLC has continuously adopted new technologies and enhanced the openness of the system. PLC integrates computer technology, automatic control technology and communication technology, and becomes the core equipment to realize single machine, workshop and factory automation, which has high reliability. Strong anti-interference ability, flexible combination, simple programming, convenient maintenance and many other advantages. 

With the development of technology, its control function has developed from simple logic control to complex continuous control and process control. Especially in robot, CAD/CAM has a wide range of applications, the main technical fields are: sequence control, process control, position control, production process monitoring and management, combined with network technology. The technology in PC, such as Windows operating system and network, is called the commercial technology of PLC by integrating, infiltrating and integrating into the PLC field. In recent years, the application field of PC in automation is also expanding (such as CNC and DCS of computer), PC technology is used in PLC as a supplementary technology, integrated, the purpose is to embed the application, is a soft controller, can realize the real-time extension. It can do floating-point operations only with cheap chipsets. So it always request a industrial panel pc for the whole processing using.